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I'm a MSc student in Business Analytics at Imperial College. I'm passionate about data discovery via beautiful visualisations and analytics. During my master's studies, I look forward to gaining advanced data analytics skills and to learning methodologies for large-scale data analysis.

Before starting my master's degree, I led product development at TAB, an analytics start up in Cambridge, UK.

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Visualising stocks correlations with Networkx

In a recent class of Network Analytics, we were asked to visualise correlations between stocks. As an investor, you’re interested in diversifying risk by ...

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Visualising crime in London using R (Part I)

I was recently working on visualising time series data on crime in London using R. I could not resist creating maps that would allow me to better analyse the data.

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Three things you can learn in chart.js from mimicking Nyan cat

ChartJS is a great javascript framework to customise your own charts. It is so flexible and powerful, that in this blog you will mimic the viral Nyan cat to learn to...

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[tutorial] This is why you should use gradient charts with chart.js

After a long period of flat colours for UIs, gradients have become the attractive and joyful side of new interfaces 🙌 . If you’re planning some data visualisation ...

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